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Finalist 2009,2012,2013,2015,2016
Email : madraswa@gmail.com

OPEN 6 Days 5.30pm - 10.00 pm

Incl Public Holidays(surcharge applicable)


In our cooking we never make use of exact weights and measures. We are taught to cultivate a sense of smell and colour to achieve perfection through experimenting. This took years to fine tune our cooking skills. The result is recognised and highly recommended as the "Best in the West" among the South Indian Restaurants in Perth, Australia. The restaurant’s Managing, and main catering Chef Sabas(assisted by two competently trained sub-chefs in all forms of South Indian/All Indian dishes. i.e. rich and spicy meals - including curry, tandoori, snacks , entrees, special salads, and much more. He has well-established restaurant services provision going back to 1987 in the UK where he run 3 reputed restaurants which earned him a highly paid award from the famed "Curry Club of the UK"., before coming here to Perth where he is actively duplicating his UK's hospitality industry rich experience.

Chef Sabas started his own restaurant in London UK in 1987 and within three years he had two more to his credit. One of them earned him a little fortune after being recognised by the " Curry club of UK" to be in the first top ten Indian Restaurants of UK in 1989. His passion for cooking is phenomenal. He wants to start his own commercial Indian cooking school in Perth, in the very near future.


Cook Muruga at work

  • The Madras House Restaurant currently offers not only highly appetising healthy foods of Indian extraction, and beverages, but also cooking class services and skills training services.

  • Come to the Madras House and experience for yourself. Elsewhere, feel free to contact Sabas by the indicated means, for personalised chats with him.

  • Chef Sabas and his two assistant cooks love Indian cooking. They conduct cooking classes for the beginners to moderately experienced curry connoisseurs. Please contacts us for further assistance and information.